What are the best casino game development companies?

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Whether you are mentioning land-based casinos or online casinos, they require software to run games on their platform. It’s the responsibility of the software provider for the games to be unbiased and devoid of any fraud. Their job is also to introduce more innovative games that have the potential to hitch the player to the screen. Casinos avail services of these providers to introduce games to their platform. As far as online casinos are concerned, it has revolutionized the whole thing reaching out to places where land-based can never even think of reaching.


Playtech is a well-known name among the gambling crowd. It provides software for the casinos to run their games. Its prized asset is Slots and it has been considered a master in designing innovative and interesting slots. Given the time it has spent in the casino industry, Playtech is a trustworthy name.



This was the first casino software manufacturer. It was started in 1994 but at that time, the industry was developing and it struggled initially. It has around 400 casinos in its name where the software is designed in such a way that they not just are free from fraud but also know how to entertain the player. Graphics is one such thing that Microgaming is known for. However, the variety of games that it offers on its platform has made it one of the top Casino Game Developing companies.


NetEnt was founded in 1996, but it launched its software in 2000. The company is not new and has managed to incorporate every skill of the industry. You can play games without any downloading. One thing is that the interface runs smoothly on any device and you don’t need any particular specification. Whether you are using a computer or a laptop, you can make be rest assured that the program will work just fine without lagging.



It is one such name that made quite an impact in the past. Started by two brothers in 1996 in Ireland, it made a full fledge partnership with Marvel comics. Though the company went into serious bankruptcy when the partnership ended, they made their way into trying new errands to make the games stand out.


Though IGT has been there since 1971, its jump in the virtual casino is a recent one. It is known for slots and given that the company has been in the business for a long time, it has its share of customers. Even though the slot choices are less than the others, it has a space among the top.


Betsoft is known for its 3D slots and table games. Table games are not known to be the company’s specialty. The 3D slots include True Sheriff, At the Copa, and Good Girl Bad Girl.


Software providers are very important for the casino as they are responsible for providing the software that runs games on the platform. Various such names provide high-end software to the casinos.