The story behind casino software developer Playtech


Playtech is one of the most popular software providers in the casino world. Whether you are talking about an online casino or a land-based casino, the software is needed to keep the games running. Without software, it can’t happen. This is where Playtech or any software provider comes in the picture. However, initially, software providers were struggling as the number of casinos were less but as soon as they grew, the competition became stronger due to the increased number of casinos. Providers like Playtech continue to dominate their place despite the strong competition in the field.


Playtech has been in the business for almost two decades now and over these years it has managed to make itself a name in the field. The company was founded by Israeli entrepreneurs Teddy Sagi, in Estonia. This was the beginning of the online casinos as many were not even there on the internet. As the company was new and the number of casinos being less in number, Playtech had a long way to go.


In 2001, Playtech launched its casino. ClubDice was the first casino launched by Paytech. Following this, it also did some serious things that had a positive impact on the business. After it placed its first server in Antigua, Playtech launched Live Casino Studio in 2003 located in Philipines. This just took the internet by storm. Playtech was doing something out of the box and this was the right time for it. This introduced Playtech to the world which allowed the player to take part in the Live games.



Playtech is known for its unique ideas and these ideas have not just catered to the requirements of the players but at the same time, allowed Playtech to earn goodwill in the world of casinos. It launched its poker network in 2004 which later on became the world’s largest poker network.

Mobile gaming:

When it comes to online gaming, it is the easiest thing in gambling. You get to play your favorite gambling game without going to a casino. Playtech launched its mobile platform in 2005. It allowed players to use the services of the casino at the go and they no longer needed to reach any computer. This has changed though. The current mobile application is more sophisticated and is designed in such a way that they make the player feel most welcome and entertained.


London Stock Exchange:

It made its Stock Exchange debut in 2006 when it was valued at $950million. It started to expand and the same year it launched Bingo Broadway, and later Playtech Academy Estonia, and a development center in Bulgaria.


Playtech is one of the prominent software providers. From its start in the late ’90s to today, it has dominated the grasp on the iGaming world. However, the competition is rising as the new names are coming to the shore. With a years-long experience in the field, it is sure that the company knows how to make its way up to the top.