Turning 30

On the eve of my 30th birthday, as the last of my 20s moves into the rear-view mirror, I thought it might be interesting to take a look back at how that decade has shaped my career and the kind of person I’ve become.

2004 started off with a whimper, kicking off eight months of unemployment after I’d just left my retail job at GameStop. Little did I realize at the time that that was just the calm before the storm: in August of that year I landed my first game industry job, beginning the career that would define the entirety of my 20s in every conceivable way.

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Let’s Talk About Failure

Way back in March, I left AAA game development to go indie. My plan was thus:

“As an independent creator, I’ll repay my cultural debt and pursue self-sufficiency via two paths. The first is by producing small, focused independent games with niche appeal, according to the design values I’ve developed and honed over my eight years in the industry. And the second is by resurrecting my other creative skill: writing, specifically sci-fi and fantasy fiction, which has long laid dormant due to the relentless hours and pressure of the mainstream commercial games industry.”

I started failing right away.

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Adding to Unity’s Built-In Classes Using Extension Methods

Have you ever found yourself wishing a built-in Unity class had some functionality that isn’t there? C# extension methods are the answer!

In this article, I’ll teach you how to use extension methods to add functionality to existing classes, no matter if they’re built-in Unity types, types defined in a third-party plugin, or even types defined in an Asset Store package which you could edit but you’re (rightly) worried about later package updates stomping your “patch”.

Seemingly obvious API omissions can be frustrating, but extension methods let you “fix” just about any API to your liking.

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