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With Third Helix, you are choosing 24*7 entertainment, which can help you see quality games provided by the best gaming providers in the industry.

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We have a support team who is active 247 to help you bring the right solutions for all the problems allowing you to enjoy your games while we take care of any technical difficulties.

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We have the best programmers who help us develop our games from scratch, which allows us to have control over the proceedings of the game.


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We are in the lookout for some of the smartest minds who can help in taking up a challenge to build software which can allow our player to enjoy the game. We are looking for professionals who can collaborate with us to provide our audience with the best gaming experience.


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We at Third Helix want to bring you a gaming software which will help you enjoy a smooth game where you can bet to get you winning. You can talk to our support team and enjoy such services if you are having difficulty with any of our games.

3D Games

3D games allow the people an experience of being on the ground in real-time, which is the best way to approach a certain game.

Mobile Casino

People want to use their mobiles to play certain games, and we customise our game to help project the game and adapt to the smaller phone screen.

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We have a live casino and want to provide you with the best blackjack experience by allowing you access to live blackjack casino dealer.

Casino Games Development


We have the best people behind our games and who are always trying to make sure that we have something more to offer. We do not just want to settle rather grow, allowing our games to relevant as the time passes.

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Casino software guide everything you need to know


Casinos use a lot of software that is important for the games inside the casino. Whether it’s a land-based casino or an online casino, the software is needed for games. There are a lot of software providers that cater to this requirement. Though some names are more often than the other doesn’t mean that others are not of use. A reputable software provider’s name on Casino’s can boost its goodwill among the gambling crowd. This comes in handy where new casinos pop up on the internet who are yet to establish their credibility.

What is a software provider?

The providers avail the casino and design it for them to run their games on it. Without such software, games can’t be run. Though there is a lot that goes into programming, this however does not bother the house.


This is one of the top Software providers right now. They produced their first software in 1994 however, their initial business was scarce as the internet and the online casino industry both were progressing, but as the industry grew, they touched new heights. Microgaming soon opted out of providing software to other casinos and realized the amount of money they could make with their casinos. They operate 800 casinos and are a well reputable name in the industry. They have also developed Games of Thrones, Mega Moolah, Thunderstruck, and Avalon.


This is one such company that has made quite a unique reputation for itself during the last couple of years. It was launched five years ago. This was the time when there was a lot of competition and a lot of companies were fighting for the space in the market and despite all that, it acquired itself a place. Compare to Microgaming, it is the same. Both of the companies have a name when it comes to providing software. It is also behind Marvel Series of slots. It also creates mobile games and Live Casino games that have added to its repute over the years.


NetEnt has a lot of titles to its name which includes South Park, Aliens, Jack Hammer, Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Guns ‘N’ Roses. It may not be a big company but it certainly is second to none. It is considered a master in creating the best slots in the industry but having said that it doesn’t mean that it lacks skill in the other. Its skill set has helped it to carve a position for itself among the top where it keeps rising.



Betsoft is known for its perfection. It comes up with a lesser number of games but it emphasizes getting the best for the customer. The games include Good Girl Bad Girl, True Sheriff, Rook’s Revenge, and At the Copa. They also produce limited table slots. The company has its signature style of creating games.


Casinos are known by the games they provide. A revolutionary game can make a casino become the center of attraction and casinos are businesses of attraction. The providers make sure that the games are fun and running.

Top 10 most popular casino Vendors of EveryMatrix


Online casinos have popped up a lot in the recent decade. Over time they have changed a lot given the competition as well as customer demands but as far as competition is concerned, it is harder than it was before. With more casinos in the market, the demands for advancements in technology have always risen.


It is the most popular gaming platform in the casino world. NetEnt has become synonymous with the casinos. Established in 1996, it is considered one of the top casino vendors as of now. The company has over 200 casino games.

Evolution Gaming:

Evolution Gaming is known for Dealer casino games and due to the high-quality Live Dealer games, they are the top in the market. This has allowed them to be on the top of many gambling websites in the industry.

Evolution Gaming


The Swedish company concentrates more on the slots games and less on the tables. It has developed 50 casino games, from slots and table games to video pokers. It has acquired multiple licenses to operate in Europe, like the United Kingdom, Malta, Denmark, and Gibraltar.


It is one of the most popular vendors in the casino industry. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, it has managed to design 400 casino games. The designs are user friendly and easy to get along innovatively.

NYX interactive:

The company was opened in 2006. Though initially, it lacked promotion soon it started its business with much-needed dedication. The Swedish company delivery slots, lottery and bingo games. These include Roulette Master and Merlin’s Millions Superbet.


It is one of the oldest names in the industry. It was started in 1971 but soon made its name in the slot world. It is known for designing interactive and attractive slot machine programs.


YGGDRASIL is one such name that is known for its video slots. It was started in 2013 in Malta but has managed to make a unique and reputable name for itself in such a short period.


EGT is a program provided for multiple platforms that include mobile to computers. The games include slots, roulette games, and video pokers. It also includes Jackpot games that help players fast track through the game. The software is easy to use and has high-end graphics.

Xpro gaming:

It is one of the best for Live Dealer games. Founded in 2005, it has dominated the Live Dealer arena. These include Live Baccarat, Dragon Roulette, Europe Live Roulette, Baccarat Super 6, Casino Hold’em, etc.


It’s a company based in Stockholm which is new to the game, but the quality of slots they provide is appreciable. They include Second Strike, Wild Chase, and Big Bad Wolf.


Some names stand out from the rest. They have earned their place and respect in the field, but as the casino world keeps transforming, so will the companies. This a regular transition of the casino world where everyday something is changing.

Best casino gambling software & Providers

Gambling software

The casino industry has changed a lot in recent years. From technology to appearance, the makeover has been a phenomenon. The most positive developments in the casino industry have been an online casino. Though the slot machines had transformed the industry, with the advent of the online casino, things just changed in a way that nobody had ever imagined. The casino games could be played by anyone in any part of the world. This helped Casinos to reach out to an audience that they could not imagine before. However, to play such games on the website they need more than an internet connection. There is a lot that goes into that.


What is a software provider?

Online casinos run various casino games on their platforms. These games are only made possible due to the software provided by the companies and casinos mention the software providers on their sites. There are a lot of software providers who design their software to allow the casino to run various games on the website. The smooth and secure play is also their responsibility. The popular ones also specifically design software for certain games that are specific to the casino and also help the house to integrate it.

Net Ent:

NetEnt is one such name that pops up most of the time. The company has made billions in transactions and currently serves more than a hundred casinos in the market. In 2014, NetEnt processed 21.4 Billion in transactions. The name is itself a brand in the industry. Though initially, it lacked recognition as the internet was not used much but with the establishment of more and more casinos, NetEnt has become a household name in the Casino world.

Playtech Casino software:

Playtech offers services that are very diverse and wide-ranging. From mobile gaming, sports betting, casino games, poker games, bingo, live casino, to lottery games, Playtech has its name. It is one of the leading gaming companies and only operated in regulated jurisdictions. A casino with a Playtech software provider will surely etch a mark in the minds of players.

Playtech Casino


The software gaming company is one such name that is not as popular as NetEnt or Playtech but has its share of customers. It was established in 2007 and has managed to keep its spot despite the competition. It features 100+ mobile casino games, 300+ proprietary games courtesy that makes it one of the preferable companies in the casino world.

Evolution Gaming:

This is one of the most trusted brands in live casino gaming software. The games include Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, Live Three Card Poker, Live Casino Hold Them, Live Caribbean Stud Poker, Live Dream Catcher, and Live Texas Hold’em.


Sofware providers are important components of the casino. They not just provide you the software but also make your platform more fun and less boring. A reputable name on your site can increase your goodwill in the eyes of the player. Apart from these, there are so many that are worthy of mention.

Best casino game app and web development company

casino game app

There is a lot that goes into the making of an online casino. It is not an easy task. Each and everything has to be perfect. The first thing that needs to be done is to develop a Casino App. This is much complicated than what meets the eye. From finding the best company to designing the best App, it has to well-coordinated lest your reputation online will suffer. Various companies undertake the tasks of developing and helping your presence online. You need to be sure about the company that you choose.


When it comes to designing a casino game App, Cubix is one such name that doesn’t need an introduction. With over 8 years of experience, they are experts in the development, customization, and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions, business intelligence analytics, advanced web, and mobile solutions. They have worked with many start-ups as well as experienced business houses. So if you are starting online, Cubix is one such company that knows ho0w to get things done online.


Quytech provides its services to a lot of businesses. This includes eCommerce, Healthcare, Training & Development, Retail, Real-estate, Entertainment, Education, and Manufacturing. It is an award-winning company that is experienced in Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Game Development as well as App development. The app developed by Quytech will go a long way in the goodwill of the company.

Dedicated Developers:

It has been in the business for the last 10 years and has worked in 15+countries. Not just the gambling industry but they provide developments solution to many other industries. The outcomes are faster and the results will certainly reflect positively on the image of the business given that the first impression is the last expression.

Vrinsoft technology:

Vrinsift has dedicated developers who are best at what they do. They are experts in NET, PHP, iPhone App Development, SEO, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Android Development, IPad, Applewatch, Ibeacon, and Phonegap app development. Not only the product you receive is the best piece, but at the same time, the services live up to the name.

Cyberinfrastructure Inc.:

When we talk about companies and trust, a company with much age in the business is more trustworthy. Cyber Infrastructure has been in business for 15+ years and they know how to do it right. You can lift your designs that are in your head and let them do the thing.


IIH Global Intelligent:

Established in 2013, IIH Global provides App developments solution with faster delivery. Over the last seven years, IIH has made a name for itself and is well known for its services. It is currently placed among the top and popularity keeps growing.


Casinos have to rely upon the development companies if they want to come online. The first step is the hardest and that’s where the App and Web development companies come in the picture. The spots keep changing as the casino world progresses a lot

The most reputable casino software providers


Casinos need software to run games on their platforms. Whether it is the online casino or the land-based casino, the fact is that the need for a software provider is already there. Casino world has gone through a transition and it is this transition that has given birth to many new requirements. Though various companies provide software to the casino, some have surely earned a place over these years. Whether it’s due to the age in the business or the fact that their services are unmatchable, they are indeed in a position that no one else is.


Microgaming has been in the casino business for a very long time. They are the first to do so. In 1994, they made their debut in the industry. However, the internet remained confined to few spaces but as time passed, it became a household name. It soon saw the opportunity in launching its casino. Microgaming has 800+casino across the internet and has also been the first company to have come up with progressive slots. Some of their games include Mega Moolah, Avalon, Games of Thrones, Double Exposure Black, and the Thunderstruck.



This another name that you will see pops a lot in the casino world. They are known for their innovative games and interactive graphics. The themes play an important role in the casino world and if you want to keep the player hitched, you need to do more than the binary. All cogs have to work together. Their games include Jack Hammer, Blackjack Pro, Jack & Beanstalk, South Park, Starburst, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Aliens, and Gonzo’s Quest.


Playtech was established in 1999 and is very well known not just among the gambling crowd but also the betting one. It offers bingo halls, online casinos, sportsbooks, live casinos, and poker rooms. Live Dealer games are their specialty. From the games they offer to the swift service they provide, none can argue that Playtech isn’t a good choice. It may not be as popular as NetEnt or Microgaming, but it does have a place among the top and that’s what makes it a strong name.


IGT has been in the casino games since 1971, but this was nothing like the virtual casino, we have. It was into the Mortar types, but when the internet took and things started to change in the casino world, IGT did too. Even though IGT slots don’t have many options, it is one of the leading names.



The company releases 3D slots and some famous table games. It is one of the leading names in 3D slots. The games include True Sheriff, At the Copa, Good Girl Bad Girl, and Rook’s Revenge. They are mostly known for their slots.


There are a lot of software providers but some just stand from the rest. They are not just known for the quality but the amount of trust and respect they have earned in all these years in the casino world.

What are the best casino game development companies?

casino game

Whether you are mentioning land-based casinos or online casinos, they require software to run games on their platform. It’s the responsibility of the software provider for the games to be unbiased and devoid of any fraud. Their job is also to introduce more innovative games that have the potential to hitch the player to the screen. Casinos avail services of these providers to introduce games to their platform. As far as online casinos are concerned, it has revolutionized the whole thing reaching out to places where land-based can never even think of reaching.


Playtech is a well-known name among the gambling crowd. It provides software for the casinos to run their games. Its prized asset is Slots and it has been considered a master in designing innovative and interesting slots. Given the time it has spent in the casino industry, Playtech is a trustworthy name.



This was the first casino software manufacturer. It was started in 1994 but at that time, the industry was developing and it struggled initially. It has around 400 casinos in its name where the software is designed in such a way that they not just are free from fraud but also know how to entertain the player. Graphics is one such thing that Microgaming is known for. However, the variety of games that it offers on its platform has made it one of the top Casino Game Developing companies.


NetEnt was founded in 1996, but it launched its software in 2000. The company is not new and has managed to incorporate every skill of the industry. You can play games without any downloading. One thing is that the interface runs smoothly on any device and you don’t need any particular specification. Whether you are using a computer or a laptop, you can make be rest assured that the program will work just fine without lagging.



It is one such name that made quite an impact in the past. Started by two brothers in 1996 in Ireland, it made a full fledge partnership with Marvel comics. Though the company went into serious bankruptcy when the partnership ended, they made their way into trying new errands to make the games stand out.


Though IGT has been there since 1971, its jump in the virtual casino is a recent one. It is known for slots and given that the company has been in the business for a long time, it has its share of customers. Even though the slot choices are less than the others, it has a space among the top.


Betsoft is known for its 3D slots and table games. Table games are not known to be the company’s specialty. The 3D slots include True Sheriff, At the Copa, and Good Girl Bad Girl.


Software providers are very important for the casino as they are responsible for providing the software that runs games on the platform. Various such names provide high-end software to the casinos.

Full lifecycle of Casino Gaming Development


Casino gaming development is what is the most important part of casinos. Modern casinos can’t be imagined without technology and with technology comes a complicated process. There are a lot of people who made that happen. The games that are either on the land-based casino or the online casino happens because a team works hard to come up with such ideas. Nothing comes for free. The lifecycle of developing includes coming up with the idea to the execution of that idea. In between, various steps go into programming and making a full-fledged game.


This is the basic part of any casino game. Without an idea, you can’t do anything. They set the ground for the developments. Various things like market research and analysis are taken into consideration. You need to see the trends in the market and understand what is making the rounds. The gaming world is changing day by day, you will require to need the gaming requirements and fashion to assist your idea. You can keep into consideration many other things like a cryptocurrency that is much preferred among the online casinos as the transaction that goes through it are cheaper, faster, and much secure.


This is not coding. It simply lays down how the game should look. Completely based on the understanding of the designers and needs of the house, Prototype can be manipulated and if something is not fit, it can be changed. This is the primary version of the game; a skeleton structure. It can include 3D imaging or paper drawing that tells about the future of the game. People are working who make sure that the idea conceived are well represented in the prototype. This provides a path for the development of the game and if it is flagged Okay, this can move on to the next stage.



Coding is the most important step in game development. It is when the designers and developers sit together to create gaming software. It is time-consuming and needs a lot of dedication. A little error or miscommunication can not just cost money but also will waste time. Different tools are used to execute the idea of the game and transform it into the idea that was earlier visualized. Most of the mistakes are rectified in the prototype version whereas even during coding things and designs can change.


Before the game is launched, the final step is testing. The software is looked for inaccuracies, bugs, and bias. It should work in sync with hardware and software. The overall functionality is looked over and if no inaccuracies are found, it is good to go. This final step ensures that the software is fit to be run by a casino.


Software development is a complex task that involves brainstorming ideas as well as executing those ideas in real life. It’s hard to come up with an idea that can attract more players to the platform and that’s what makes Software development a crucial task in casinos.

The story behind casino software developer Playtech


Playtech is one of the most popular software providers in the casino world. Whether you are talking about an online casino or a land-based casino, the software is needed to keep the games running. Without software, it can’t happen. This is where Playtech or any software provider comes in the picture. However, initially, software providers were struggling as the number of casinos were less but as soon as they grew, the competition became stronger due to the increased number of casinos. Providers like Playtech continue to dominate their place despite the strong competition in the field.


Playtech has been in the business for almost two decades now and over these years it has managed to make itself a name in the field. The company was founded by Israeli entrepreneurs Teddy Sagi, in Estonia. This was the beginning of the online casinos as many were not even there on the internet. As the company was new and the number of casinos being less in number, Playtech had a long way to go.


In 2001, Playtech launched its casino. ClubDice was the first casino launched by Paytech. Following this, it also did some serious things that had a positive impact on the business. After it placed its first server in Antigua, Playtech launched Live Casino Studio in 2003 located in Philipines. This just took the internet by storm. Playtech was doing something out of the box and this was the right time for it. This introduced Playtech to the world which allowed the player to take part in the Live games.



Playtech is known for its unique ideas and these ideas have not just catered to the requirements of the players but at the same time, allowed Playtech to earn goodwill in the world of casinos. It launched its poker network in 2004 which later on became the world’s largest poker network.

Mobile gaming:

When it comes to online gaming, it is the easiest thing in gambling. You get to play your favorite gambling game without going to a casino. Playtech launched its mobile platform in 2005. It allowed players to use the services of the casino at the go and they no longer needed to reach any computer. This has changed though. The current mobile application is more sophisticated and is designed in such a way that they make the player feel most welcome and entertained.


London Stock Exchange:

It made its Stock Exchange debut in 2006 when it was valued at $950million. It started to expand and the same year it launched Bingo Broadway, and later Playtech Academy Estonia, and a development center in Bulgaria.


Playtech is one of the prominent software providers. From its start in the late ’90s to today, it has dominated the grasp on the iGaming world. However, the competition is rising as the new names are coming to the shore. With a years-long experience in the field, it is sure that the company knows how to make its way up to the top.

How to find Best Casino Software Development Company


In the era of technological advancements and evolutions, gambling-themed games are on the rise. Technologies like Augmented Reality and Cryptocurrencies, the population of online gamblers are rising day-by-day. This also means software, game and application development companies are facing immense competition to bring the best to the table. This amount of competition is sufficient to either fool someone, or make the best use of it to provide utmost services to the customers. Hence there are some ground rules to keep in mind before choosing a software development company:


The first thing to look for is the price offered for the amount and the quality of the games provided. If you demand high-end games, then you will have to loosen your pockets a little and spend on quality games. It also applies to the gaming programs offered for your online sites. Of course, some companies provide more number of games for a lesser price, but they’ll often be associates with bugs, lags, time delay and errors in their code. This will bring down the quality of the page and hurt your business.


Do not fall prey to false reviews. The Internet provides us with all the information required; use it wisely, to research the company’s reputation, before buying services from them. A well-reputed company will eventually help your business grow.


Stick to the theme

Relevance also plays a significant role in choosing the company. If you’re building a website for expertise in slots and blackjack, but willing to take services from a company that expertise in Roulette, then it makes no sense, right? Always know your theme of the website and stick to it.


Please make sure the company you’re looking for is transparent enough to share information like how they’re planning to build the game or requirements of the crowd and so on. A company that is good at what they do is always aware of the crowd demands and latest trends that will keep you on top of the game.


Once you’re comfortable with the price and transparency, make sure to check on the technologies used. Cutting edge technologies like the VR, AR, Blockchain and many more are taking the gambling industry to a whole new level. It is always beneficial to implement them in your games.


Industry Experience

You do not want to waste time on newbie’s in the business. Of course, there are a lot of fun-filled and colourful ideas from the newcomers, but a company with relevant experience in the field is more aware of the standards and the way things are done in the gambling world.

Benefits of choosing from a trusted company

There are some of the benefits of choosing the best casino software development company:

  • Reliable
  • Builds an excellent reputation for your company and website as well.
  • Trusted customers returning to your site
  • The influx of new customers every day
  • Customer Satisfaction


Choosing the right software development company for gambling can be a tedious task, but it is worth it when you find the right company that matches your needs.

Development Is a Roulette in Your Own Living Room


The online game development industry has taken over the offline gaming and gambling world today. The main reason being, it is more comfortable to sit at the comfort of your house and gamble, rather than spending hours in an unknown land like Vegas or Macau. Many software developers and engineers are in the frontline, creating applications and websites for the best utilization of the user.

There are primarily hundreds of different software development companies and freelance developers that are working hard to provide utmost services to their clients and users, among which four of such companies have cut through the noise and stood out in terms of

  • Services they offer
  • The gameplay and
  • The selection of games.

The software and online games developed by these companies have stood out among others and are subjected to high expectations from the users.


This company develops most of the online casino games. They’ve grown massively over the years with over 21 billion transactions per year and is a loyal developer for over 100 casinos online. The company also boasts the winner of 2015 EGR awards.


This company has been in the market from the past 20 years and is a proud developer of online slots, bingo and many other popular casino games. The company serves over 600 online gambling websites and is also tied up with international companies like HBO, Marvel, MGM, Universal and many more.



Although this company is a newbie in the market, compared to the other companies, it is one of the most popular ones for developing online roulette and slots. Their gaming interaction and graphic designs will turn heads. The company only aspires to grow and serve its customers with an introduction to various other games.


It is the largest supplier of online games for European countries. The company is the largest among the lot, with over 28,000 clients. However, it specializes mainly in card games, slots and other electronic games.

The use of Augmented Reality

It is no secret that the online gambling and gaming world has taken over even the most popular casino gambling places like Las Vegas and Macau. The primary reason is that gambling online is so much more comfortable with all the technologies involved. Games like Roulette, Blackjack and he slots are the most played games online. All these reasons collectively have led to a decline in brick and mortar casinos. According to a study, online gambling makes a turnover of $3 billion in the UK, and the number only seems to rise. Pokémon Go, developed with the help of Augmented Reality, had taken over most online games. The new trend speaks volumes of developing online AR Roulette table, to enjoy a game or two at your living room. Imagine having your Roulette table in your living room?

The growth of technology has put an end to this image, as AR gears like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Playstation VR are being used to implement this technology. The use of such gears is expected to provide users with real casino-like experience.


They have a wide variety of games, and the support team are always available when contacted helping you our any technical problems.
Andrew R. Thomason